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Author Guidelines

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The Author should ascertain that the manuscript is sent to one journal at a time. Manuscript sent to other journal simultaneously with AMIRJ will not be reviewed. The manuscript should be original work of authors and correspondence author will act as guarantor.
The Editors-in-Chief in consultation with the Managing Editor, Section Editors and Advisory Board Members will review all submitted manuscripts initially. Manuscripts with insufficient originality, serious scientific and technical flaws, or lack of significant message will be rejected. All manuscripts received will be duly acknowledged.
In majority of the cases, peer reviewing is done by the editorial board members but in some cases article is also sent to two or more peer reviewers for comments. Chief Editor will take final decision regarding the suitability of manuscript for publication. The contributors will be informed about the reviewers' comments and acceptance/rejection of manuscript.
A typical research article should have the following:
Materials and Methods
Tables and Figures
However ,authors are free to structure their manuscript as necessary.


Authors belonging to any country
120 USD (any number of authors)

Authors belonging to India
Rs 1950 (Single author)
Rs 2100 (2 -3 authors)
Rs 2500 (4-6 authors)

Authors belonging to Nepal
2500 INR (Single author)
3000 INR (2-3 authors)
3500 INR (4-6 authors)

Note: The above mentioned fee structure is for a manuscript within 15 pages.
For Indian authors ,each extra pages over 15 will be charged Rs 50. Each additional co-author over 6 will be charged Rs 100.
For authors from Nepal , each extra pages over 15 will be charged 100 INR. Each additional co-author over 6 will be charged 200 INR.